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Definition Of Mass Media

The philosophy of the Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) program is to integrate¬†creative production, critical thinking and technical skills. EMA is a federal registered charity and BC nonprofit Arts Organization supporting enhanced lifestyles and individual well being thru The Arts in¬†our communities. These courses build in-depth understanding of one or more forms of artistic media: […] More

Intellect Ltd.

WHAT curates an art collection of over 560 works that is on display in every nook and cranny of University Hospital Waterford transforming the hospital building from a bare, sterile, institutional space to a more human place...


Arts Education Press Releases

Enhance your individual creativity and learn how to use the arts in teaching, learning, and assessment to meet the needs of students with many diverse learning styles...


Resources For Artists And Communities

ARTS has been a strategic partner to the aerospace industry for 15 years, supporting companies throughout Europe to optimise their business processes for production and personnel...


Keep Art Happening

Enlisting one million arts advocates to mobilize support for the arts and arts education Join for Free! Alongside Paul Camic, Victoria Tischler and Norma Daykin I had the opportunity to share some of the work of Dementia & Imagination art...