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What’s The Difference Between eBooks And Digital Books? Many people these days are not aware of the difference between an e-book and a digital book. Fact is, many of these people think that they are just the same. They could not be farther from the truth as they’re completely different things. Electronic books or PDF books, scanned, exact digital copy of standard printed, published books are the many different names called for digital books. You can think of them as the improved copies of paperback or actual hard books we know. When talking about digital version of new publications, they’re almost the same to the original. When talking about very old or ancient publication even, they’re better compared to the original you’d find on shelf of a local library. Because of the fact that they are exact copies of original prints, this only increases the quality of the pages and overcome common issues with old books similar to yellowed pages, see through or onion skin type paper, stains, brown inks, colored paper and the likes. The pages are scanned and not copied while seeing to it that the quality of print represents a much better quality than the print of original book. Believe it or not, majority of the digital books come in PDF format though some come in plain text format. When compared to paperback or hard back counterparts, digital books are often less expensive and at the same time, there’s no need to worry about the shipping costs unless they will be delivered on a CD.
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E-books on the other hand are digital as well but, they’re written and designed for the internet. Most if not all e-books were never published officially unless you count posting something online as publishing. A big number of eBooks were created to be quickly written with only little or no expense except for the possibility of distributing it. Many of the e-books are short and typically have a hundred pages or less but it is often finished in less than 50 pages most of the time. Some ebooks can also be finished reading in few hours.
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Most of the eBooks are actually self-help books or some sort, though there are eBooks that are in the genre of fiction and history. They oftentimes have little to no literary value and their intentions are the distribution of instructions, ideas and/or facts. You may at times come across ebook versions of soft or hard cover book. But if you are going to look closer, you’ll notice that the eBook version is almost has fewer pages compared to the original copy. With this being said, you can always call eBooks as the condensed version of the original book.