3 WordPress Tips from Someone With Experience

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Good WordPress Theme

You can use WordPress to create any kind of website. But every WordPress theme is designed with a specific market orientation in mind. Thus, if you need to pick one from tons of free WordPress themes, be sure to take into account the type of your business first.

That said, a look at these recommendations can help you evaluate the suitability of a WordPress theme:

Simplicity is Important
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If you were to accept everything a WordPress theme may offer, your web pages would be filled with flamboyant animations, complicated layouts, and lots of colors. But some of those features may actually be useless.
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Just pick a theme whose layout matches your business goals. The design should be impressive to the eye, but that should not compromise on usability or simplicity. You’ve not deployed the right theme if despite looking good, users are unable to easily move around your website.

Responsiveness is not Luxury

A good WordPress theme ought to be responsive, meaning that it’s got a layout and content that will change to match different devices and sizes. As at now, a good chunk of web traffic originates from mobile gadgets and handheld devices. Depending on the nature and popularity of your content, you could even have more than 50% of your web traffic coming from mobile devices. And Google likes to rank higher websites that are mobile friendly.

Plugin Support

WordPress is a very versatile web design tool, and that’s based on several points including support for plug-ins. The plug-ins help you accomplish pretty much all you want with your WordPress site. Ensure that the plug-ins required for your website are supported by any of the free WordPress themes you prefer.

Browser Suitability

Bear in mind that your web visitors won’t use the same browsers, and while your site might look great on the browser you’re using, that may not always be the case with any other browsers. The majority of WordPress theme creators utilize advanced browser adaptability testing tools to measure their products, although you should always perform you own test to confirm that. Your adaptability tests ought to include mobile device browsers too.

Developer Support

You may be choosing a free WordPress theme, but you may still occasionally require support from its developer. So, you need to find out if any WordPress theme you want to use has the kind of technical support and documentation you can rely on to fix a few issues from time to time. Otherwise, you may need to bring on board a WordPress developer to fix certain glitches on your site.

There are many different WordPress themes for different business site applications, yet, you should pick the type that’s simple and suits your objectives.