4 Value-Conscious Tips for Buying Used Designer Clothing

Updating a wardrobe can be exciting until reality hits and one discovers there’s no room in the budget for designer labels. Fashion-forward men on limited budgets can find everything they need in online and local consignment shops and thrift stores that are full of gently used designer clothing at a fraction of the cost of new items. In this guide, budget-conscious men will learn how to find hidden marvels in a secondhand clothing store.

Learn What’s Usable and What Isn’t

Most things found in secondhand shops are donated, and it’s important for buyers to know the condition of the items they’re purchasing. Check items for missing zippers, rips, and other damage. Buyers should consider that size tags may be inaccurate, but most large shops have fitting rooms to try items on before buying.

Decide When to Walk Away

Just because parachute pants were popular during the ’80s doesn’t mean they’re a wise purchase now. As popular as some trends once were, some clothing items just aren’t flattering. It’s important to ensure that items look and fit well before buying, so it may be helpful to bring someone with good fashion sense and an unbiased opinion when shopping. Keep in mind that just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy or a good look.

Know What to Buy and Where to Buy It

Not all secondhand shops are the same, and men should evaluate all their options. By doing this, a buyer can quickly find out which shops have the best deals. Some thrift shops are well-organized, and others are a jumbled mess that may take some time to sort through. Buying used clothing requires a knowledge of quality. While a certain item may look fashionable, if it’s made of cheap cloth and other materials, it’s not worth the asking price.

Find Out When to go Back to the Shop

Smart secondhand shoppers go to their favorite stores several times per week. Savvy men should find out when their local shops restock the shelves and racks and try to get there as close to that time as possible. With consistency and patience, a man can find some great designer deals at a local thrift store.