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Art IS Education is an annual, much anticipated county-wide showcase demonstrating the power of youth learning in and through the arts. Hi, this is Anna and I am so excited to tell you that Art and Creativity in Early Childhood Education is now hosted on WordPress. If you believe in arts education and like what we’re doing, PLEASE make a tax-deductible donation today! Ask questions to find out whether your school district is making a long-term commitment to support arts in the curriculum. A new way to support the arts in your community and engage during National Arts and Humanities Month.

The Network’s Steering Committee has approved a 7-point Public Policy Agenda These are actions that can be taken by state and school district officials to support arts education. Having any significant young earth creationist presence is a great dishonor on a community, particularly on its educators, and a sign that scientific education is almost nonexistent in the area.arts and educationarts and education

An additional 14,000 students in Boston now receive instruction during the school week. The AETF supports arts education as an essential part of a complete education; follows current research on the value and impact of arts education; and advocates for continued support of arts education. The Arts and Education Council’s crowdfunding platform is designed to connect donors with arts and arts education projects within the Greater St. Louis area. On Tuesday 11th October between 16:00 and 18:00 I’ll be facilitating a small event to explore Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Arts at the Manchester School of Art. The European Union has funded the ARTinED (a new approach to education using the arts) project to integrate the arts into every primary school subject ARTinED.

Readers of this blog have read many articles and research studies demonstrating that these schools” survive by the power of their lobbying and campaign contributions, not because they have any educational value. All students in California deserve the opportunity to enroll in high quality arts education curriculum that will provide them with the important skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. Another quarter of alumni advocate for the arts within schools as teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers. The Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education is a member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and receives partial funding from the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Pennsylvania state colleges try to stave off teacher shortage as fewer decide to major in education. Many AIE alumni work in museums as curators and education specialists, while others work for private arts foundations and grantmaking organizations. Improving students’ academic performance, including their skills in creating, performing, and responding to the arts.

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