Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your eternal love for your beloved and show how much you care for them. Chocolates, roses, cakes, and soft toys are the most common gift items that people gift their partners on the V-day. But if you want to make this love day special for your beloved, then you should give them some exciting and unique gift items.

Here we will discuss the unique gift ideas that you can consider while buying valentines gifts for your partner.

Decorated Wine Bottles

Does your partner like to decorate their house with cute and creative things. If yes, then decorated wine bottles would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them. These decorated wine bottles are available in different patterns, such as hand-painted, embellished with laces, stenciled, frosted ombre, etched, and wrapped in twine and all of them are easily available at gift stores.


Luxurious Spa Basket

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you pamper your partner with unconditional love and care. To make the V-day magical for your beloved gift them a luxurious spa basket for a relaxing spa session at home. The spa baskets contain bath salts, shower gel, body lotion, essential oils, conditioner, …

Movie Review: ‘’Marlina The Killer in Four Rounds’’

Like four verses of poetry that are later depicted in a movie, that’s how Marlina the Killer in the Four Rounds tells the story. Rhythmic and sad, but also thrilling and entertaining.


Through four rhythmic rounds, director Mouly Surya shares Marlina’s story. The murderous woman played by Marsha Timothy. She is a widow who lives alone at the top of the savanna hills in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

The stages slowly reveal Marlina’s identity, a figure who secretly keeps the mystery.

Behind his pent-up emotions due to the arrival of a herd of robbers who robbed herds and self-esteem, Marlina bravely decapitated the bandits of robbers.

The round continues and ends until Marlina seeks justice and penance. The tension of what Marlina will do or what will happen to her adorns every round.

Although the transition of each round is not so smooth, it is covered because of a strong story that keeps the audience still follow the storyline. Read Also: movies to must watch 2017


The story of Marlina also presents a portrait of a sad story in Indonesia. The crush of poverty makes Marlina unable to finance her husband’s funeral. The husband was forced to be …

Find and buy beautiful wall décor online

To acquire ideal impact from your Decorating Theme it is important to set up a feeling of stream, with your Walls giving the firm bond. Divider Decorating ideas give the concentration from which all you’re Decorating Themes in the end hang together. Enhancing your Walls should hold a critical part in your general Design and ought to never be consigned to a less unmistakable part. Dressing your Walls can give your Design include the goodness factor if you go about it appropriately. Divider Decorating ideas require not cost the earth – indeed, there are many beautiful wall decor in Singapore sites available like artify.shop that are great as well as are amazingly easy to do. A frequently disregarded idea, with regards to incorporating Wall Decorating ideas into your general Decorating Theme is the surface and shade of your Walls. Once more, this does not need to be something confused or costly: there are numerous finished paints these days that effortlessly satisfy the finished necessities for any Wall. They are simple and easy to apply also – you simply buy a container of the finished paint, paint it on with a roller and sit tight for it to dry into a …

Pastor Chris’ Healing School

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a well known Nigerian Christian preacher and the founder of the Christian ministry known as the Christ Embassy, has more recently begun working on a new venture which has come to be known as The Healing School. The Healing School, much like Christ Embassy, is a Christian Ministry, however, unlike Christ Embassy, the school is devoured entirely to “Divine Healing.” The school is located in Nigeria where Pastor Chris grew up and is dedicated to bringing Christian healing to all the nations of the world. Some of the school’s practices include faith based sermons couple with live feats of faith healing and divine blessings which are intended to remedy both physical and spiritual ailments.

Oyakhilome’s school has become so popular that it is widely sought out by other Christian ministries from all across the globe. To further communications and good relationships with other churches, Mr. Oyakhilome has created a ministry visiting program for the school which allows other pastors and preachers and members of their congregation to enter the church for a tour where they will be able to witness the daily goings on of the institution, including their sermons and spiritual and divine healing ceremonies.…