Bachelor Of Business (1)

The Arts Business Innovation Fund (ABIF, the Fund) addresses the need to support innovation to strengthen income generating and entrepreneurial capacity in not-for-profit arts and cultural businesses. The building also houses a Young Adult Borough Center (also known as a YABC), which runs evening classes for Queens students who want to graduate, but were unsuccessful in a traditional high school. A maximum of 15 credits taken by an undergraduate non-matriculated student may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree in the Albers School of Business and Economics. Since its inception, Arts & Business has been committed to offering Advanced Placement classes to all students, not just high achievers. TD is one of Toronto’s – and Canada’s – most important champions of arts education.

After completion of this course, students will be able to explain how to obtain a suitable sample of business data and evaluate its validity and reliability for statistical inferences, produce tables and charts to organize and display business data, interpret numerical business data using measures of central tendency and variability, apply fundamental concepts probability theory for inferential decision making for business, and perform trend analyses.

Her main focus is on introducing the arts and aesthetic development through Compass, a leadership program delivered to all Bachelor of Business Administration students at UW-Madison as part of the Arts Business Initiative. The aim is to enable students to better understand and evaluate the marketing system in which the arts are organised, priced, promoted and distributed.

The digital shift requires many actors to rethink their position, not only in communicating with the public in general and in reaching their audiences, but also in view of their core business, for example in the museum sector, theatre/music and visual arts.

The general studies major, which requires an outside area of specialization, is ideal for students who want a business background, but who also want to explore other interests. You could combine your business degree with a language major, helping prepare you for an international business career; or follow your passion for event management, culinary arts or social sciences, and develop core business skills at the same time. You must declare your area of specialization by the end of your third semester at UF. If you do not declare your area of specialization by that time, the School of Business will place a registration hold on your record. The faculty of the Business Administration Department encourage wide and varied preparation in the liberal arts and sciences to provide students with an appreciation for the social and cultural environment in which business is transacted.

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