Benefits Of Arts In Education

At Bethel Woods, we seek to inspire, educate, and empower individuals through the arts and humanities. This type of education can be effective through the provision of special devices and other suitable strategies that can overcome these challenges faced by the instance ,the visual and audio impaired devices, use of large visual charts and audiograms respectively are useful.

Expanding access to computers will help bridge some of the gaps between digital haves and have nots, but only in a context in which free wi-fi is coupled with new educational initiatives to help youth and adults learn how to use those tools effectively” (p. 13).

It was an incredibly difficult experience, and I was fortunate to have teachers who really took on providing not only a great academic experience, but very significant socio-emotional support,” the U.S. secretary of education says, laying bare his personal sensitivity to the difference in-school support can make in children’s lives.

Unlike the strongest traditions of our field, which have focused heavily on promoting an appreciation of the visual arts of the past, art education from this perspective is concerned with taking a more critical stance and addressing the increasingly difficult challenges of the visual arts in the future” (325).

School culture also truncates teacher innovation, and for many reasons: teacher resistance to top-down mandates, poor school technology infrastructures, ill-conceived or inadequate technology professional development opportunities and incentives and standardization and restrictive school and community mores and expectations.

The Eye Of Pictures