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Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design ( Israel ), Israel’s National College of art and Design, located in Jerusalem; school of Architecture, fashion, ceramics, fine arts, multimedia and so on. Founded in 1906. Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients listed in order of picture left to right: Andy Yu (Science/Math Scholarship), Emma Hadley (Performing Arts Scholarship, Kendall Marlia Cooper (Communications Scholarship), Dahabo Amin (Don Mitchell Ironman/Woman Scholarship) and Anastasiya Guzenko (Walter J. Cooney Business Scholarship).

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Students in the Faculty of Arts have the opportunity to study abroad in over 100 international learning opportunities, including the Faculty of Arts own satellite campus in Cortona, Italy, as well as have access to the Arts HUB Career Centre which hosts the Arts Work Experience (AWE) program.

The reason I can claim to be active today, is only because early on in life, I was introduced to the pleasures derived from the adrenalin rush, only playing a sport can bring, Today, I know that the adrenalin releases endorphins which gives you a sense of pleasure, but back then it was just a part of school curriculum.

Graduate school is hard on friendships, and so is the academic life that follows it (see Reasons 14 and 29 ). In many ways, graduate school is inherently alienating (see Reason 30 ), leaving you out-of-step with friends who follow traditional paths into adulthood (see Reason 12 ). It places tight constraints on your financial independence, as well as on your time (see Reason 62 ), and it often requires you to move far away from friends and family.

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