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On August 19, 1839, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre’s photographic course of was officially introduced at a joint public meeting of the French Academies of Science and Nice Arts. Also, many of those disposable cameras have been made to be waterproof, so folks may take images underwater on a snorkeling or scuba diving trip. Surrealism in […] More

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Hopefully you discover these pictures ideas in composition for beginners helpful. My first alternative in lighting is using my yellow coloured building lights with their tripod for all my indoor images tasks...



The feminine form has been represented in artistic endeavors for hundreds of years. 5...


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Images is the art of taking the photos by way of the camera. In an attempt to ascertain photography as a Tremendous Art, Robinson steered compositional measures to add personal expression to camera pictures...


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Hopefully you find these pictures tips in composition for rookies helpful...