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A Closer Look On Instagram

Instagram is a phone application or any device like tables, iPads and so on that allows you to share your photos to your friends or anyone that follows. It can be really fun and entertaining which makes it one great past time for many.

Another feature of Instagram is that it has a lot of filters you can choose from. Some of the filters you can make use of in instagram are clarendon, gingham, moon, lark and juno. You can also edit your photo further in the application. It has editing features like crop, shadows, warmth, tint and grain which enables you to enhance your photo to your best desired output.

Another feature of the Instagramapp is that it allows you to have you friends tagged in the photo you shared. Photos with captions will be cuter too. Instagram also gives the option having captions and you also can include having ‘hashtags’. If your do not know what ‘hashtag’ means, it is simply a word preceded by a hash sign “#” that will used to identify and proceed to a whole lot of photos in application with similar photos or topic. Your friends can even …

LinkNow Media’s New Secret Santa Project Raises Thousands For Charity


(Montreal, Quebec)— The New Secret Santa Project, an initiative created by Montreal-based web design and online marketing company LinkNow Media, raised over $33,000 for charity over the holiday season.

The New Secret Santa Project is an independent fundraising campaign for the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres’ holiday gift drive. Batshaw Youth and Family Centres is an organization devoted to providing support and resources to underprivileged children in Montreal and their families. Every holiday season, they run a gift drive for the children under their care to ensure that every child gets something to brighten their holidays.

In past years, LinkNow Media’s ownership and staff have supported this gift drive through purchasing gifts and cash donations. This year they decided to put their resources towards raising awareness of the program, and created The New Secret Santa.

“After raising 250 gifts and $10,000 internally last year, we knew that if we wanted to do something even bigger we needed help,” says LinkNow Media president Wesley Mendelovitch. “We went outside of linknow media family and friends this year. The community really got behind this idea of helping children in need during the holidays and helped us blow way past our …

The 10 Best Resources For Services

Getting The Best Out Of Custom Buttons And Promotional Buttons Buttons are not just for clothes today and these buttons can be providing everything for your clothes and for your various needs and more. A lot of these buttons are created thus in order to offer everything for your needs and for what your prefer for yourself. There are several professional button manufacturers and designers who treat making these items as art forms and some of them have made these according to the requirements of the customers. There are several customers who are ever present in order to specify sizes, materials and designs and more so you can have the best items for your needs. Once you have given your specifications to the professional button manufacturers and designers, then they can set the prices. These professional button manufacturers and designers can create the buttons in order to match the colors of what you wear. When you need these custom buttons and promotional buttons for your clothes, the button makers can always have them for you. When you want to spread a message across without being too loud, these custom buttons and promotional buttons should be chosen and preferred. Many of …

The Path To Finding Better Businesses

Essential Things Regarding Promotional Buttons That You Need To Know About Buttons are considered as one of the most common thing that is visible in every clothes that we wear every single day and people are always thinking about however, the common reaction they have with regards to buttons is it being used for fastening pants or clothes and nothing more. If you are thinking that way, well, perhaps, you need to change your opinion about it since in this modern time that we live in, there are so many ways for buttons to be use and most of us are actually looking for means that it can be used artistically. These days, buttons are not only being crafted for the purpose of serving one single functionality but, it is being crafter artistically and fashionably that it can now be worn to make someone’s clothes look as beautiful as possible. One good thing that comes from this idea is the fact that the normal button which were being used before for fastening clothes are now being used in making clothes that are fashionable, not to mention for the purpose of achieving great design shirts. As a matter of fact, it …