College Of Communication, Fine Arts And Media

With each passing year, language arts have allowed mankind to thrive and to reach greater levels of knowledge and productivity. The minor introduces students to the profession and practice of advertising and public relations and offers basic competencies and skills that help students discern the role of communication in society and understand the main concepts, methods, and approaches used in the advertising and public relations professions.

World Language: The World Language Pathway provides students the opportunity to communicate in languages other than English, to gain knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, to connect with other disciplines and acquire information, to develop insight into the nature of language and culture, and to participate in multilingual communities at home and abroad.

Our small class sizes, coupled with exciting course content relevant to today’s time, offer students an in-depth look at various communication styles they can utilize wherever they go. Many of our alumni are successful leaders in their fields and have been recognized by their respective communities.

Thousands of years later, technology has allowed man-kind to complicate this form of communication with computerized graphics arts programs, electronic display boards, and pocket sized smart phones that display photographs and videos, and stream digital content around the world.

Central to this intention is the understanding that the creative and communication arts are expressions of our shared humanity, capable of building connections among people and cultures, exploring the human spirit in all of its nuances, revealing new perceptions of our past, present and future, and providing a humanizing force vital to a civil society.