Digital Arts And Media

Taking the quick and dirty research approach, a cursory look through the bios of the people I follow on Twitter, I am struck by how many of them start with their job role – more often than not their job title and for some their role i.e. manager, facilitator, researcher. The emergence of 3D printing has introduced a new bridge to new media art, joining the virtual and the physical worlds. Students completing this course will have a thorough understanding and broad knowledge of arts and media (including existing academic disciplines) to work as professionals with specialist knowledge and practical skills. Learn about managing arts and media organisations – including film and TV, museums, galleries and theatres – from practitioners and academics who are actively working in the arts sector. Learn how their ideas can be communicated through selecting and organising the elements of media arts. And , an online fashion company in Fullerton, CA, is looking for a motivated, detail-oriented, computer literate intern for social media and marketing. This track offers insight into the most relevant issues relating to contemporary arts worlds.

UNSW Art & Design’s groundbreaking Media Arts program offers you hands-on experiences across a range of key media and audio-visual production areas including animation, VFX, interactive and cross media production and publication. Further, students learn to analyse and interpret artistic expressions with an enhanced view of how arts phenomena convey, negotiate, or hasten cultural change. Within this track you can choose to structure combinations of courses relating to two of these specialisations (such as Music Studies and Arts Politics and Education). The WSU Media Arts and Studies Film Blog will be updated regularly to help facilitate communication and promote interdepartmental events. Students learn about safe practices in the arts through making and responding safely in the different arts subjects.

A bachelor’s degree in fine arts or design is the standard requirement to make a successful career as a multimedia artist. It teaches students how to uncover the societal impact and the value of arts education for contemporary culture. Located at the school’s South City Campus in Salt Lake City, the Center’s emphasis is a strong focus in digital arts. In this program, you’ll view art from a historical and cultural perspective and explore how the use of art and media has evolved into a platform central to effective marketing and communication. We are a leading innovator in the application of new media and communications technologies to the humanities.

You will get guidance for the practical training from a supervising teacher from TAMK, and the school and the workplace will jointly agree on your working and learning objectives. In the second semester (period 4+5+6) you will get acquainted with intermedialities in present-day practice by analysis of crossmedial exhibitions, but will also delve into media aesthetics, with transformations in television as point of departure. Degree-granting programs are available in Art History, Cinema & Media Studies, Music, Visual Arts, English Language & Literature, the Committee on Creative Writing, the Program on Poetry & Poetics, and in Theater & Performance Studies.

Additionally, the programme explores how the arts relate to economic, social, and technical developments in an increasingly mediated world. Creation and analysis of student artworks will be balanced with explorations into contemporary practices across the visual and commercial arts fields. We also participate in a two-year international Research MA, Visual Arts, Media & Architecture All Master’s students participate in the Graduate Seminar in the Humanities.