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How to Design an Effective Book Cover

Even a great book may never depart from the bookstore if the cover doesn’t capture the reader’s eye. Bottom line, how your book cover looks like may be the most essential aspect of the whole book design and marketing process.

Below are some pointers to assist create a good book cover mockup:

Check out similar book covers.

Go to your local or online bookstore and look at books in the same category as yours. When you go to the area of the store where your book could be someday, what’s the first cover that caught your eye and for what reason? What made the cover more noticeable than the others? In the same manner, take note of the covers you thought were the worst. Be sure to look into the said questions as you create your book cover mockup.

Be smart with colors.

Think of the psychological effect of the colors you intend to use on your cover. If your book talks about with meditation, you may want to avoid an orange or red cover as these colors are more exciting than relaxing. Use white or blue for your book cover mockup and you’ll end up with something more peaceful and probably more apt. Again, scan other books in your same category and notice the colors they use. How would you like people to feel about your book? What colors can give you that feeling?

Position your title and name appropriately.

Unless you’re Stephen King, your name should be printed at the bottom portion of the cover. Instead, your title should be on top and as large as your name or preferably bigger. As soon as you have established yourself as an author, you can make your name your cover’s main attraction. In any case, the letters should be easily readable and stand out. Simple fonts in neutral colors are always best, and as you make your book cover mockup, be sure the text doesn’t lose itself in the color behind it.

Match the art.

Make sure the artwork is right for the content of your book and does not alter its message. Following her death, some Agatha Christie’s murder mystery books had covers with gruesome illustrations, such as blood streaming out of someone’s mouth. These covers grabbed attention, but that’s it. People typically have an aversion to such shocking images. So don’t be happy just having them take a look – they should want to look deeper.

Make it simple.

Be sure the cover is not chaotic. Try to do a distance test. Reduced your book cover mockup to one inch in height – the size it will be on the Internet. If the artwork is easily distinguishable at such size, it is too complex. Also set the cover art at book size and look at it from ten feet away. If the artwork couldn’t be distinguish it that easily, it may not be the right choice.