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Taking the quick and dirty research approach, a cursory look through the bios of the people I follow on Twitter, I am struck by how many of them start with their job role – more often than not their job title and for some their role i.e. manager, facilitator, researcher. We are working with the Transformers Youth Arts Group, and four schools in Burnham, Windsor and Maidenhead. The Women in the Arts and Media Coalition is a centralized resource for professional women in the performing arts and media industries. Terms such as ‘Transmedia’ ‘Social Media Art’ ‘Immersive’ ‘Interactive’ may all seem alien and tricky to get your head around. Please send a resume to [email protected] – internships are unpaid, school credit is available. Some artists are comfortable with the paint media, whichever they will get, so it doesn’t matter for them to select painting media by considering their comfort ability.

The arts is a dynamic way of bringing people together to work in collaboration and learn new skills and knowledge. The Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts and Media (BS­TAM) offers a broad trans-disciplinary curriculum that integrates technological skills with a critical, theoretical and historical understanding of technology, media and the arts. At first sight this is pretty unrelated to Film and Media Studies, but it totally helped me with creative thinking. Admission to the Master’s Arts &Culture, programme Comparative Arts and Media Studies is possible with a Bachelor’s degree in art, film, television, digital media, or (visual) cultural studies. Art and Media Communications combines rigorous and relevant experiential study of modern, post-modern, and contemporary visual art and design with student learning in media literacy and technology applications. It also involves game audio and project management and uses tools like 3D Studio Max and 3D Modeling.

In particular, students gain insight into arts worlds and their organization, aesthetic dimensions, social impact, and the value of arts education for contemporary culture. Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked hard at creating and maintaining Facebook Pages, building the number of Facebook Likes organically, and Facebook has proved an invaluable communication tool for many arts organisations. Arranged for administrative and academic purposes into four divisions—Literature, Language Studies, Journalism/Media Studies and English for Academic Purposes—the School offers a wide range of courses in its various disciplines. Build on their understanding from previous bands of the roles of artists and audiences as students engage with more diverse media artworks. The inter-connectivity and interactivity of the internet , as well as the fight between corporate interests, governmental interests, and public interests that gave birth to the web today, fascinate and inspire a lot of current new media art.arts and media

The Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Chester is highly renowned for the excellence of its teaching and learning both regionally and internationally. They evaluate how social, institutional and ethical issues influence the making and use of media artworks. Communication and Media Arts major requirements and electives (36 credits) — as a Communication and Media Arts major, you will be guided to select courses that explore special areas of interest aligned with your career goals. You can find a wealth of information about studying with us on our School websites.

Think of concepts like mass media, remediation, or Gesamtkunstwerk, or consider the present-day use of social media or transmedial blockbusters, in relation to new ways of storytelling. As they make and respond to artworks, students explore meaning and interpretation, elements and forms, and social and cultural contexts of the arts. By the end of Year 4, students describe and discuss similarities and differences between media artworks they make and view.arts and mediaarts and media