Mona Lisa Arts & Media

In SLAM, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney, graduate and postgraduate studies and research in our departments and studies programs extend across a broad and creative range of textual, verbal, film and visual media, from medieval manuscripts to new, digital media and multi-media communication. Throughout the course of our MA we had a lot of time to experiment, proto-type and try out ideas that we had and it was through this period of experimentation that I began to explore ideas of how to use Social Media in relation to theatrical performance.

On the academic side, students learn about films, media criticism, international communication, radio and television history, effects of mass media and media’s role in society. The main media production included among others under water video shootings in Pori swimming hall, animation production in Helsinki and in Satakunta University of Applied Science, air shooting in Helsinki and Pori. They may choose to supplement their learning with professional placements relating to the media arts and production sector. The media production of Wagner Gala was part of the Cross Media Production course of Creative Business Management -MA-program. We are currently facilitating the Magna Carta Visual Arts Project and the Memory Book Project. You will also study international networked media culture and English language.arts and media

Rather they are expected to draw on both to reach the level (or work towards reaching the level) where they can explore and conceptualize for themselves how the practice of the arts models linkages between people and society. Join the growing list of award-winning USQ Creative Arts alumna, including Tim Dashwood, Emily Burton, Lucas Stibbard and Russell Dykstra. Company Structure: we have three directors and a management group, which includes local residents, all of who have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience of the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. Our Bachelor of Arts in Media & Art aims to build the fundamental skills in artistic and authorial practices, and to enable students to position themselves and their work within artistic, creative, and cultural institutions. The director of media technology and visualization was Petri Ruikka MA, alumni of Deprtment of Media.arts and mediaarts and media

There are several art and design schools and colleges that offer associate or bachelor degree in fine arts. The master Comparative Arts and Media Studies is part of the Graduate School of Humanities of the VU University. Religious arts & crafts, as commonly thought of in western society, is concerned primarily with Christianity.

Students collaborate to use story principles, time, space and technologies to make and share media artworks that communicate ideas to an audience. The digital self-portrait helps the artists make unusual and thought-provoking self-portraits with photographic images and digital media. On the whole, I consider the following as the various definitions of Mass Media.