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The history of the Faculty of Arts dates back to the early beginnings of university education in Sri Lanka. Presently the University enrolls more than 5,800 students, on merit basis, in the first year Honours Program in different Departments of the Faculties and the Institutes. The University of Dhaka is well prepared to meet the challenges of the future days with its spirit of freedom, justice and truth as a foundation concomitant to the objectives envisaged by the founding fathers. University of Canterbury, set up in 1873, provides education in all courses conceivable. The twenty years from 1952 to 1972 saw the expansion of the Faculties of Arts and Oriental Studies. The disciplines of study offered under Online University Degree schemes are somewhat restricted. However, art graduates who have any interest in staying within their field while determining their own destiny should consider arts management as a career option.

University and museum professionals enter the profession as assistant professors or assistant curators. I have never attending a small university but most likely they have more individualized majors. The company wanted to put the reformulation under their patent; however, certain people at the university insisted that the complete product was now a university patentable development.

The University played a central role in the Language Movement of 1952 that ultimately culminated in the recognition of Bangla as the State Language. For example, Argosy University Online offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Most liberal arts schools teaching art and design provide a grounding in art history, design theory, media and technique, as well as computer technology. This Arts and Science Institute offers curses in Mathematics, Foreign Language, Computer Science, Economics, Music, Psychology etc. It is the oldest private university in US. Best known for its law school, business school and medical school, the university also offers varied options to choose from. The first Utshab was celebrated in 1401 at Bakultala, Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka and was a great success.

The Students’ Union provides democratic representation, support and advice to students across the university. Students are required to work-many of them at jobs on campus that help to keep Berea’s costs down. For a university that talks in such high tones (transformative force and all that), we sure do treat people like cogs in a machine. The Dhaka University Rover Scout Group has been playing an important role in the Bangladesh Scout Movement and in various discipline-related and voluntary activities in the University.

The Laidlaw Performing Arts Center is one of the newer buildings on the University of South Alabama campus. Technical Teachers’ Training College, the only institution under the Faculty of Education of the University of Dhaka, was initiated in 1960 as the teachers wing of Technical Education Sector at Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. The University has assumed a central role in the academic pursuits of the region including this new nation.