Silver Kiddush Cup – Carrier Of Boon& Blessing Via Prayar On Shabbat Evening & Morning

Talking about a Kiddush cup! Let us start with the thing what actually a Kiddush cup means.

Kiddush cup is a cup which is used occasionally, during Shabbat and Jewish holiday. Better to say, on every Friday evening Jewish people use the Kiddush cup to earn blessing from Almighty. Many Jewish families use heirloom Kiddush cup to celebrate Shabbat on every Friday.

It is totally customary thing to use special kind of Kiddush cup to make prayer during Shabbat. A normal cup can also be taken in place of Kiddush cup to earn blessing. Generally, wine or grape juice is poured into the cup before taking the Friday night meal to make prayer over or through the wine or grape juice cup.

Kiddush Cup Bring Beauty in Shabbat Ceremony

Shabbat is known as sanctification. It is a prayer to welcome holiness at home and blessing over your loved ones. On every Friday night, a Kiddush is performed over a cup of full wine or grape juice. This sanctification process gets its color and essence if it is performed with a silver Kiddush cup before dinner. The head male member of family does the Kiddush holding Kiddush cup at his right hand. If your family performs Kiddush on every Friday evening and Saturday morning and still you are using an ordinary cup then it is time to buy Kiddush cup.

Tips to Follow to Buy Best Kiddush Cup

When your family does not have any heirloom Kiddush cup and you want every Kiddush to be splendid and memorable, you can consider buying a traditional Kiddush cup, rather than an ordinary one. The marketplace has plenty of Kiddush cup collections and they are enough to spoil you. If it is the first time you are going to buy Kiddush cup then you can take help of tips to buy the best cup for Kiddush celebration.

  • First of all do not go for disposable Kiddush cup.
  • Make sure the cup must contain 4½ ounces.
  • Do not go for under quality Kiddush cup.
  • Buy only metal made Kiddush cup.
  • Do not buy any cracked, chipped or broken or malformed Kiddush cup, it is not considered auspicious.
  • Examine a Kiddush cup properly prior to buy. If you are going to buy the cup from online store then make sure they provide replacement and refund option.

When you follow the above-mentioned tips, for sure you can buy the best Kiddush cup for your Shabbat ceremony.

Try Options of Silver Made Kiddush Cup

No doubt, you will come across a line of options in time to buy Kiddush cup. If you are looking for beautiful, splendid and auspicious Kiddush cup then you can go for Silver Kiddush cup option. Silver metal Kiddush cups are available in many options,

  • Decorated/Plain
  • Silver Kiddush with plates
  • Stem light silver Kiddush
  • Silver Kiddush with stem
  • Smooth Kiddush cup made with silver
  • Jumbo/Medium/Small size Kiddush cup

Therefore, you can buy silver Kiddush cup online or offline, it just not matters. Make sure to buy only branded and quality Kiddush cup.

Let pass the best and beautiful Kiddush cup among your family and friends on Shabbat evening and begin your Shabbat meal with best God’s blessing.