The Importance Of Fine Arts Education

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP) believes that the arts are an essential component of the education necessary for all students to succeed in school, work, and life. E.H. Epstein, (1995) – defines comparative education as a field of study that applies historical, philosophical and social science theories and methods to international problems in education. Peter Ragatt- defines comparative education as the cross-national study of general propositions about relationships between education and society, and within educational relationships.

Evidence plays a role: yes, this policy will benefit these people; no, these other people won’t share in those benefits—those are questions of fact, but settling them doesn’t settle the broader question. In Arizona, Tom Horne, the state superintendant of public instruction, made it his goal to provide high-quality, comprehensive arts education to all K-12 students. The activation of the education sub-committee in reaching out to CEC 27 should bring more focus on the schools.

The new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) provides a great opportunity for parents and teachers to let decision makers know how important the arts are to learning. All students in California deserve the opportunity to enroll in high quality arts education curriculum that will provide them with the important skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. I want to talk just a bit about models and their use, both in Sloyd and in the Clear Spring School wood shop. Our surrounding community with professional learning resources in arts education, arts integration, STEAM, early learning through the ARTS, and project-based learning.

Whether you are considering applying to the program or are simply interested in the roles of the arts in education, we hope this website provides you with insights and provokes your interest. Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009) is more in depth in defining twenty-first century skills. And, of course, demonstrate what a disservice many schools are doing by undervaluing such an integral part of their education and development.

The programme is based on a combination of seminars, lectures and studio work, but you will also be given opportunities for field visits to arts venues and educational settings including schools, regional theatres and galleries. The topic of arts interventions in medicine, following many years of arts/music activities for children with learning disabilities in hospitals and homes, has come under increased research scrutiny in recent years. Just as the artificial boundaries between fields of study make school studies artificial, artifice used to stitch fields of study back into an integrated whole, sustain a disconnection between the child and the real world. Collaborative Art can be such unifying, positive group experience, and open-ended art is a great way to bring people together in a feel-good kind of way. The most tedious part of an arts or crafts hobby is the set up and clean up of supplies.

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