Tips For Event Photography

Tips For Event Photography

The Perfect event photography should cover up the entire occasion within a single frame. Event photography can be tricky, yet a fun experience. Events photography can be difficult as people there eat, dance, have fun, do gossip and a photographer needs to be like water that reached every nook and corner to click these people in candid shots.

Search location: If possible take time to go and see the entire venue. Doing so will help you to get a clear view about the locations for clicking different kinds of shots say for portrait as well as group. Taking pictures of the venue helps in understanding the lighting available in the venue.

Get your gears ready: Have all your gears like lenses, digital camera, flash ready and have them extra readily available.

Use soft light: If it’s a daytime event, there is no need for lighting as natural light is considered best for photoshots. But for evening events lighting plays a important part. Always use soft light. Soft light will give you an ability to take a wide range of photographs and will reduce the amount of visible shadows that is displayed in the complete photographs. Harsh light deepen shadows and makes photograph look brighter. Colored light can be used to add mood to the picture.

Take portrait picture of people that looks unique and interesting. Look for the action! People dancing, people clinking their drinks, food being served, and so on. This all makes for interesting photos. Observe the party as a whole by capturing the party on camera not by the number of photos you take. It’s about a feeling. It’s about the moments that people share. People in such events makes themselves arranged into an interesting configuration that makes pictures look interesting. Make boring shots interesting by adding a jaunty or canted angle to the picture. These give the picture a feeling of being dynamic and alive rather than of a boring look.

Experimenting with props like hat, funky glasses or a fake mustache makes photos interesting. Candid shots in social events are tricky to capture because bringing a camera into a scene automatically changes peoples’ behaviors and how they conduct themselves.

Listen to music, feel relax and enjoying the work makes work less hectic, more interesting.