Many people may be confused about what exactly is graphic design art, recent technology has opened up a variety of new fields, but in essence, graphic design is art. After you have applied for the master in Studielink, the university will retrieve your application details from Studielink, prepare your VU Portal account (which is linked to Studielink), and e-mail you the login details. The Metropolitan Campus Art major may both explore traditional art methods, such as studio arts and aesthetics, investigate the graphics arts including print/web/broadcast design, or may select an arts management focus. On all study-related excursions students are accompanied by experts or teachers of the Arts and Culture department. Curated exhibition and/or touring programs of media art including the production of program notes and commentary by visiting artists, scholars, and critics. The producer was professor Marjo Mäenpää from Pori unit of department of Art form School of Arts.

Students collaborate to use story principles, time, space and technologies to make and share media artworks that communicate ideas to an audience. The digital self-portrait helps the artists make unusual and thought-provoking self-portraits with photographic images and digital media. On the whole, I consider the following as the various definitions of Mass Media.

Student admission is conditional until TAMK has checked the admitted students’ school certificates at the beginning of the studies. If you choose to study in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, or abroad at one of NYU’s global sites, you’ll engage with the local creative communities and benefit from the added enrichment of viewing the arts and media through a multicultural lens. The curriculum also contains large sections and projects which are shared between study paths and with other related degree programmes in Art, Music and Media. I must say that if any artist gets these media according to his or her style then it means that half work is already done. Aspiring designers can pick from a variety of digital arts fields ranging from photography, graphic design web design.

The club strives to provide a forum and platform for universal appreciation for the literature and the Arts. Pathways include (but are not limited to): Journalism; Screenwriting; Multimedia; Cinema; Television; PR; Cultural Theory and Policy; Visual Arts; Performing Arts; Audience Engagement and Education. Interactive and Cross Media provides hands-on experience in emergent digital and new media technologies and systems thinking, addressing current questions such as the relationship between art and science through invention and experimentation.

As they make and respond to the arts, students explore meaning and interpretation, and social and cultural contexts of the arts. Preservation, restoration, or archiving of media art works, and services that support preservation, restoration, or archiving efforts.