What is the best footwear for netball?

All sports differ slightly in the type of movements and manoeuvres your body will need to perform and the speed at which you will perform them. That’s why it’s important to have the correct footwear for the sport you are participating in.

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According to the NHS, your sports shoes are the most vital part of your training kit to get right, and wearing the wrong shoes can cause untold damage and injury to your feet.

Specific netball skills

Whichever one of the seven netball positions you play at, they all require a combination of short bursts of speed and quick changes in direction. Netball can be a very fast paced game with lots of twisting and turning, so the correct footwear should be able to support and protect your feet through these movements.

What to look for in a netball shoe

Additional support for your ankles is one area where netball shoes vary from standard trainers, as they generally come slightly higher up the foot to protect the ankle from injuries such as sprains and twists when making those sudden directional changes.

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As individuals, we all have slightly different feet, not only in terms of size but also our arches. Some have arches higher or lower than others and your netball shoes need to provide you with the right support for your arches if they’re going to be comfortable.

Extra cushioning on the soles of netball shoes is also a must to absorb the shock involved in your sudden changes in movements.

Consider the weight and material of the shoe too. If you’re playing or training for long periods of time, a lighter shoe will be an advantage. Also look for materials that will allow your feet to breathe and so stay cooler during extended periods of play.

You may find that you need to invest in more than one pair of shoes, for example, a pair of running shoes for straightforward fitness work and a more specific pair of netball shoes when training involves following a netball drill training video, such as those provided by sportplan.net.

So, if you’re serious about playing netball, it’s worth doing your research, trying on a variety of types of netball shoes and investing a reasonable budget to get a pair that will provide you with both protection and comfort.