Why Arts Education Is Crucial, And Who’s Doing It Best

An education system is explicitly based on the quest what to teach” and how to teach”. Below are some talking points about both the importance of arts education, as well as the decline of arts education in our country. They will plan, document and implement arts teaching and learning, using curriculum frameworks, the influence of socio-cultural factors on arts education and, the intrinsic and instrumental value of the arts across learning areas. The state of modern education thus becomes a reflection of how faulty our way of thinking has become. It also reminds me that once education gets specialized enough, no one really knows it all.

Nicholas Hans, (1958) – defines comparative education as a step-by-step study of different and often contrasting educational systems with a view of understanding their differences and similarities. Post your favorite arts education photo on Instagram along with your #BecauseOfArtsEd story about the impact of arts education on your life. It seems to me that these bonuses are convoluted: The lower-level personnel are taking the greater risks with no bonuses while the administrators with very rewarding jobs with little risk receive large bonuses. Browse the reports and other resources on these pages for insights into improving and expanding arts education for young people. He ended by calling for a deep reform of the educational system in South Asia to combat terrorism.

Not only were students at schools with high levels of art education earning higher scores on critical thinking tests, but teachers also seemed happier. Officials at the Guggenheim said they hoped the study would give ammunition to educators in schools and museums around the country who are seeking more money and classroom time for arts education.

So he’s distressed” that 1.6 MILLION AMERICAN KIDS ATTEND SCHOOLS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS BUT NO SCHOOL COUNSELOR. LISA STARK: Parker-Brass is the district’s arts director, a job she jumped into five years ago after two decades with the Boston Symphony.

Our SMARTS Parents for the Arts Network raises awareness about the relevance of the arts in increasing academic achievement, building a vibrant, productive society and providing opportunities to share best practices. In 2015-16, the Ontario Arts Council funded 1,676 individual artists and 1,125 organizations in 209 communities across Ontario for a total of $50.5 million. Regardless, their study did reveal that arts education has some larger benefits which can’t be easily quantified through test scores. During my weekend open house and studio tour, several women noted that they wished they had woodworking when they were in school. They believe it shouldn’t matter whether or not art courses improve test scores or grades, and that art education should garner support for what it offers on its own merit — not in relationship to anything else.