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Bachelor Of Arts (Business Psychology) BA(BusPsych) (1)

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. The presence of the female guitarist on a balcony perched above the stage enhanced the sound of the live music, but the guitarist’s sipping water, reading a book and random movements, when she was not playing, distracted from the […] More

Department Of Arts (1)

University of Peradeniya is one of the finest and most beautiful universities in the whole world. The students of the University of South Alabama are lucky to have such a great facility at their disposal...


Chris Oyakhilome Creates Religious Television Station in US

Chris Oyakhilome is someone who wants the whole world to know about the God that he worships and the way that his God works...


7 Halls. 7 Artists. 7 Events

Throughout history, art has been intrinsically linked to human life, serving as a mean of expression and as a universal language in which beauty and aesthetics prevail...


Center For Arts And Media

This course prepares students for a wide range of roles in the media and cultural sectors...