Course And Unit Catalogue 2015 (1)

Want to marry your burning passion for the arts and your head for business? Learn how to track revenues and expenses, make informed projections, and gain a clearer understanding of your artistic business finances. Note that there is a maximum of 24.0 units of Commerce (COMM) elective courses permitted in Arts and Science degree programs. But his greatest concern was with spent a lot of time studying not only Japanese prints but oriental rugs, Arabic script, and decorative arts from around the world. In addition, students will also discuss the effects of culture and ethics in current global and domestic business environments.

Expect multi-disciplinary research findings – a handbook to support practice and future research – & challenging and liberating contemporary arts practice. Obtain general information about your intellectual property, contract basics and structuring your artistic business.

Put simply, business majors seem to be graduating with some of the technical skills they’ll need to secure jobs, but without having made the gains in writing or critical-thinking skills they’ll require to succeed over the course of their careers, or to adapt as their technical skills become outdated and the nature of the opportunities they have shifts over time.

From student rush ticket programs to tours to remote communities, TD helps performing arts organizations engage and inspire the next generation. Letters and civil records have come to light showing that he was a successful teacher and arts administrator too, winning numerous grants and subsidies. Yes, bigotry, violence, racial profiling, work and housing discrimination, xenophobia and prejudice runs rampant on the political, business and social landscape of the United States. This is believed to be the largest single private donation to an arts and cultural organization in the City’s history. This workshop is designed to help individual artists and small arts groups to understand and prepare strong grant applications.

General studies majors (BABA-GBA) must declare an area of specialization by the first semester of the sophomore year or during the first semester as a junior transfer student (see a Heavener School of Business advisor in 333 Heavener Hall, or send us your request via email).

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