How to attain the best Ukulele practice for the beginners


If, by this time, you have already bought a ukulele, you have perhaps found out a Ukulele teacher also. With any luck, you may have a few lessons also. Hopefully all are going well. But you must have a solid and organized start to gain strength and confidence to walk a long way.

This ultimate guide will help you to attain the best practice for the ukulele players learn from

Tuning of Ukulele

The first step to learn Ukulele is to know how to tune. As it is a stringed instrument, it needs frequent tuning. The ukulele body and strings are made of different materials; while body is made of wood, and the strings are made of metals. Depending upon the temperature, both wood and metals swell and contract. So whenever you decide to play ukulele, you need know how to tune your ukulele.

Different ways to tune Ukulele

A tuner can tell you when you the need to tune the correct note. Some tuners can help you with vibration, while the others produce note that you can match it by the ear. You can find ukulele tuners and ukulele tuning apps online. You can also find ukulele tuners at music stores.

How to tune Ukulele by itself

If you don’t have any tuner, you can trim the chord with your instruments alone. Listen minutely the G string and keep on adjusting it till it sounds perfect. Once G string is tuned, then go on with C, E and A one by one. Open C tuning (G – C – E – G) is analogous to C6 tuning. Sometimes it becomes easier to play some songs with change of the tunes.

How to Play the Chords of Ukulele

After you tune the chord, now you need to learn how to play some of the important chords. Chords are very much appealing to play in C6 tuning. Most songs in the key of C are played using the chords: C, F, G, and occasionally Am (A minor) or Dm.

Of course, it is not the only way to play the chords. There are others also. You can also use finger to the chords which is described as the fastest and easiest technique for the beginners to acquire the playing of ukulele chords.

The three Positions: Open, Fifth fret, and Seventh fret, there are  6 chords that can be played.

How to play songs in Ukulele

So you have some idea of Ukulele chords and tuning. Now it is the time to learn how to sing. There are hundreds of songs that you can play on the ukulele. But any song is not appropriate for all the Ukuleles. Before you play songs, you need to know which songs go well with your Ukulele. You can play simple songs or difficult songs, but the point is that right tools are necessary for right practice.

You can learn song online following the right versions. If you don’t know the use of some chords or can’t follow the right one, skip it till you learn it in the long run.

How do you play and sing Ukulele simultaneously

Now that you have understood about the ukulele strings, you may wonder how to sing while playing ukulele. Start by just strumming and then rhythm. In order to make it easier, divide the complete song into small parts. Holding down the first chord, sing by strumming the main pattern. Initially, there is a possibility of mess us, don’t get nervous, just sing and let your heart play. Eventually by overcoming the difficult parts, you will find that you are in a position to sing a song spontaneously.

After coming to this phase you need to learn Ukulele basics of strumming, Ukulele picking, etc.

So there you have got all the fundamentals that you need to set off for playing ukulele. But never forget to have an appointment with a Ukulele teacher who will see you the right way to reach the destination.