Media Arts

Mixed Media Art is a creative outlet that is available to everyone, regardless of your artist skill level and what materials you have at hand. You must earn a total of 180 quarter credits, or 225 quarter credits for a double degree, in order to earn a bachelor of arts degree in your chosen major. Cinema Art + Science and Interactive Arts & Media students work alongside a student production team from the Beijing Film Academy for a virtual and interactive documentary project connecting two great world cities: Chicago and Beijing. Instead of touring with his bluegrass ensemble, Telsey learned he had been awarded a paid internship from the Television Academy Foundation which would send him to NBCUniversal.

Film/video/audio/multimedia festivals that include media artists, critics, and/or scholars, and are open to the general public. The professional areas in the degree include film, video, television, multimedia, sound, radio, performance and installation, and the interplay among these media forms.arts and media

It is also appropriate for students pursuing broad cultural literacy, as well as for those planning to continue their education in advanced study in performing and visual arts or the humanities. Your student handbook should provide you with information and guidelines on the style your school or program requires you to use. They explore the arts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and of the Asia region and learn that they are used for different purposes. Our students are also welcome to undertake courses from UNSW’s highly regarded Fine Arts and Design programs. This list provides broad historical contexts in which to understand the arts, media and culture.

Students are given the opportunity to explore the creative opportunities in the dynamic field of media arts. They evaluate how they and other makers and users of media artworks from different cultures, times and places use genre and media conventions and technical and symbolic elements to make meaning.arts and media

The story of three women – a mother and her two daughters – with a serious need for speed is chronicled in the fast-paced new documentary by Michelle Bauer Carpenter, an associate professor of digital design in the College of Arts & Media (CAM). They identify and analyse the social and ethical responsibility of the makers and users of media artworks.arts and media