Movie Review: ‘’Marlina The Killer in Four Rounds’’

Like four verses of poetry that are later depicted in a movie, that’s how Marlina the Killer in the Four Rounds tells the story. Rhythmic and sad, but also thrilling and entertaining.


Through four rhythmic rounds, director Mouly Surya shares Marlina’s story. The murderous woman played by Marsha Timothy. She is a widow who lives alone at the top of the savanna hills in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

The stages slowly reveal Marlina’s identity, a figure who secretly keeps the mystery.

Behind his pent-up emotions due to the arrival of a herd of robbers who robbed herds and self-esteem, Marlina bravely decapitated the bandits of robbers.

The round continues and ends until Marlina seeks justice and penance. The tension of what Marlina will do or what will happen to her adorns every round.

Although the transition of each round is not so smooth, it is covered because of a strong story that keeps the audience still follow the storyline. Read Also: movies to must watch 2017


The story of Marlina also presents a portrait of a sad story in Indonesia. The crush of poverty makes Marlina unable to finance her husband’s funeral. The husband was forced to be a mummy cloth-wrapped in the corner of his house. He witnessed the savagery of the pirates.

Not to mention the difficult access and transportation modes in Sumba is illustrated by taking pictures with a wide angle. Marlina had to wait for the truck-bus to reach the police.

When the bus was unreliable, Marlina was friends with the horse she rode up to the police station. Arriving there, officers were not expected to complete the case of Marlina. An intelligent social criticism.

On the other hand, Marlina is an entertaining spectacle. Through dialect, dialogue, shooting, and companion music that spoils the eyes and ears.


The distinctive dialect that the player plays successfully combined with a dialogue that contains many dark comedies. A joke of life worth laughing about.

Plus Sumba land exoticism with extreme wide angle making, accompanied by sweet music. Make watchers feel at home to watch Marlina for 1 hour 30 minutes.

The players in Marlina Si Killer Four Act really look like the people of Sumba. Credit to Marsha and also Dea Panendra who plays the role of Novi, Marlina’s friend.

A little note about Novi who was pregnant more than 9 months, several times had involved a fight that made him fall, but the conditions are not a problem. It may be because the director wants to describe the woman Sumba who whisper very strong.


Regardless, the Killer Marlina in the Four Rounds, who have been at various international festivals, is worth a look at home. A film with a genre and a fresh story in the world of Indonesian cinema.

Marlina The Killer in Four Rounds can be seen in theaters starting Thursday, November 16, 2017.