Pastor Chris’ Healing School

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a well known Nigerian Christian preacher and the founder of the Christian ministry known as the Christ Embassy, has more recently begun working on a new venture which has come to be known as The Healing School. The Healing School, much like Christ Embassy, is a Christian Ministry, however, unlike Christ Embassy, the school is devoured entirely to “Divine Healing.” The school is located in Nigeria where Pastor Chris grew up and is dedicated to bringing Christian healing to all the nations of the world. Some of the school’s practices include faith based sermons couple with live feats of faith healing and divine blessings which are intended to remedy both physical and spiritual ailments.

Oyakhilome’s school has become so popular that it is widely sought out by other Christian ministries from all across the globe. To further communications and good relationships with other churches, Mr. Oyakhilome has created a ministry visiting program for the school which allows other pastors and preachers and members of their congregation to enter the church for a tour where they will be able to witness the daily goings on of the institution, including their sermons and spiritual and divine healing ceremonies.

Many peculiar tales have surfaced surrounding the incredible works of the church and their faith healing. Naturally, many South African’s are skeptical of a organization which claims that it has cured numerous medical conditions and serious ailments through faith alone, such as blood disorders, sensory complications, cancers, tumors and HIV (or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Yet many individuals from South Africa and elsewhere have testified in the strongest possible terms, publicly, about the veracity of the churches claims. For instance, Siyabonga Chinga and his son, Shaun, both claim to have been healed of their ailments. Mr. Chinga stated that not only did the church heal his bilateral pneumonia, it also successfully healed his son’s tuberculosis. There are others as well who have testified to the seemingly miraculous power of the church, including Sharon Chicevo. Ms. Chicevo had been burdened with several small and relatively minor health complications for sometime and went to the doctors one day for a check up, when the test information came back she was shocked as it read HIV positive. Distressed and at a loss for what to do and concerned about her children’s welfare should anything happen to her, she visited the school where, she claims, she was healed, totally, of her HIV. Another success story from the church school includes the peculiar tale of Athule Alpeni, a young South African man who suddenly one day started becoming aggressive and hostile to everyone around him, even to his friends and family and for seemingly no discernible reason. His family decided to take him to their local professional’s who dealt in mental diagnosis, the test revealed that Mr. Alpeni was schizophrenic and was suffering from severe psychosis. As Alpeni grew older his condition seemed to worsen with him only becoming more and more aggressive and disordered and chaotic, this began negatively affected his education so his parents decided to take him to Oyakhilome’s school where, after much prayer, he claims he was healed of his mental illness.