This document provides effective ways to document and evaluate arts projects and programmes that seek to improve health and wellbeing. An advisory board was established with representation from leading universities and institutions across North America and diverse disciplines in education, the arts and healthcare (nursing, public health, medicine) fine arts, design and business. It encompasses a broad spectrum of creativity from participation and socially engaged practice to site-specific art works aimed at enhancing healthcare environments. We fund Breathe Arts and Health Research to deliver a performing arts programme across Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The arts and health can intersect in many different ways, with different aims and outcomes.

This pretest-posttest study included 4 individual therapy sessions conducted over a 4-week period, with each hour-long session comprising guided, semistructured, creative arts therapy exercises involving drawing implements. The Centre for Psychiatry was ranked 5th in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 for research on public health, health services and primary care. We conducted a review of current research to determine what is known about art and healing. Throughout the project, artists organize arts experiences — from attending performances and exhibitions, to viewing films and discussions with visiting artists — that will connect the work the seniors are creating with the larger creative community. The Centre is committed to researching the potential value of music, and other arts, in the promotion of wellbeing and health of individuals and communities.

The arts can make a powerful contribution to increasing the health and wellbeing of older people and those living with chronic conditions, through strengthening social networks and physical and creative activity. We were one of the top five in the UK for medicine in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise.

I had previous experience in Canada advocating for creative arts in interdisciplinary practice in the field of dietetics and supporting progressive dietitians and educators who used the creative arts in their practices. Making the arts part of staff’s lives can assist in balancing the pressures of work with the benefits of creative and cultural activities. The creative arts intervention consisted of several creative arts activities designed for bedside delivery. The aim of the module is for you to raise a series of research questions that are addressed as a result of and through their practical work.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Arts, Health and Wellbeing was launched in January 2014. To stimulate the individual and community self-reliance and participation to achieve health development through individual and community involvement at every step from identifying problems to solving them.