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This collection of articles is designed to help high school Art students excel. The age-old debate about the definition of art has been revived in an unlikely forum, Los Angeles City Hall, with the bureaucrat who heads the city’s arts programs reaching the following conclusions: A banner depicting a dog being roasted on a spit is not art.

As you’d expect from such a wide-range of coverage, the 12 most read articles in 2011 are a particularly diverse bunch, featuring four articles on film, one on television, two on stand-up comedy, two from the world of visual arts, two on books and one on celebrity in general.

Within this latter sense, the word art may refer to several things: (i) a study of a creative skill, (ii) a process of using the creative skill, (iii) a product of the creative skill, or (iv) the audience’s experience with the creative skill. Seeing where the other artists took their chosen villain was really inspirational. All but two of the databases are included in the Art Therapy scholarly article links… above.

Exhibition review: Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009 02 Jun 2009 – You can see my photos of fellow coloured pencil artists Gayle Mason and Jonathan Newey with their work on the UKCPS News blog in UKCPS members and their art at Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009.

Along with my new discovery of compassion fatigue and self-care, I was using art making in a completely foreign and exciting new way. Over the last 26 years countless visitors to his gallery ~ Articles Fine Art Gallery ~ have had the great experience of meeting the artist himself. In this case, the function of art may be simply to criticize some aspect of society. It’s is very interesting comparing the final results since, as many wise painters have said, there are a thousand painting techniques from a thousand artists. This article focuses on two of the most important artistic media in ancient Tibet: rock art and small metal objects. The hundreds of iconographic artifacts described and pictured here should inform North American archaeologists regarding the possibilities for art modalities having arrived via Beringia during peopling of the Americas migrations.articles about art